After a tiring winter of monochromatic dullness, the spring bursts with a palate of wonderful colors. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips are among the first carriers of spring color. In addition to that, flowering trees adds color to your property during the summer and spring months. The following are some tips which you need to learn about beautiful trees and the maintenance and care that they need:

Flowering Trees

If you really love to incorporate color to your landscape, the flowering trees are actually a great way to do this. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of various flowering trees in various shapes and sizes. With that being said, every tree offers a different kind of flower so you will love to see them in full bloom in order to select just the best one. Thus, some great picks for flowering trees may include:

1. Dogwood – With blooms of pink or white which appear during the spring days. Dogwoods usually reach up to 20 feet of height.

2. Tulip Tree – A huge tree standing as high as 150 feet. Tulip tree produces yellow green blooms from May to the middle days of June.

3. Flowering Cherry – There are a lot of kinds of flowering cherry trees, with various kinds of colors and sizes, which do pretty well.

4. Spring-Flowering Crabapple – They are available in various types of colors but produce messy fruit in the later part of the year.

5. Viburnum – They are trees that grow up to 15 feet in height as well as shows off its bundle of white flowers in the early days of May.

6. Lilac – It is one of the first plants to bloom during the spring months. It also brings both fragrance and color to your property.

Special Care for the Flowering Trees

Caring for your flowering trees is not different than caring for any other kinds of trees. A lot of the same principles are applied however, neglecting your trees by ignoring the needed tree care responsibilities might have more visible impacts in your flowering trees. Having said that, failure to provide enough fertilizer and water to these flowering trees may result in a reduced production of flowers. Thus, one part of tree care which is not the same for the flowering trees is no other than pruning.

Since flowers set in autumn for flowering trees, pruning must be performed as soon as possible right after the bloom during spring. On the other hand, summer-blooming trees can also be pruned in the very early spring or late winter. Furthermore, if you ever plan of planting flowering trees on your property, you may want to consider hiring a professional and experienced arborist. They can definitely help you select the best kind of tree for you. Not only that, they also know and understand the best methods for planting any sort of trees and also, consider the caring tips that they can provide you. Tree removal Cranberry TWP service providers can also help a lot when a certain tree poses a threat in your property and has to be removed.